Process Overview

Obligation Free Discovery Discussion

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A 20 minute, obligation free discussion over the phone that will give you an understanding of what we do and a chance to decide if it's for you.

First Draft Budget

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​We will work through a full budget, itemising all income and expenditures, determining your surplus or deficit. We also get an understanding of your personal situation and preferences to enable us to personalise your strategy. We will then break to re-adjourn a week or two later so that we can all "sleep on it" to let it sink in, see if anything been missed. and to track down any missing information.

Finalise and Adjust Budget to Achieve Your Goals

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​At our second meeting we will finalise the budget and create the structure to enable you to implement, control and maintain your new budget. We will detail and discuss the simple "rules" to ensure that you stay on track and start optimising your financial situation. 

Review as Required

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We will check up on you a couple of times over the next month or two to ensure that all is running smoothly. That said, we will be available by phone or email if there are any questions. 

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