Why use Budgets Done?

Peace of mind

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Knowing where you stand and where you're headed creates peace of mind. No more not knowing whether or not you are going to have the money available when bills are due.

Start Saving and Maximise Your Wealth

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Having and implementing a plan for your hard-earned income will put you on the path to maximising your wealth. Knowing where you stand and what you have available can open a world of opportunities. That new car, overseas holiday or investment for later in life.

Accountability and Personal Support

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Clients benefit from the accountability and having the personal support to ensure that the budget is personalised, completed and most importantly implemented in a defined and reasonable period of time. Accounts are structured to enable the budget to be easily controlled, to pay off home loans as soon as possible, to create savings plans and to start to creating wealth.

Avoid pitfalls

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There are numerous reasons why budgets fail, which Budgets Done works hard to avoid. They include having to track every transaction and having this process fall behind, lack of understanding or ineffective budgets, not getting budgets fully implemented, poor monitoring strategies, procrastination, lack of discipline and accountability.

Commitment and Fees

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Budgets Done IS NOT a program where you pay a large upfront fee and then a funds-draining weekly charge to stay part of the program. You don't hand over control of your accounts. There is no phone app or computer program that you need to master, and no need to track every transaction.

Remote Appointments

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Appointments are done in the comfort of your own home where the budget consultant will share their screen with you remotely (easily and fuss-free) to create, customise and implement your budget. No unwanted people in your home.

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